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Best time for a romantic Week-End - Christmas!

London surprises not just with the most beautiful Christmas decoration all over the town, still every year you'll find new restaurants, run by young and ambitious cooks, with a big heart for fresh and local produces.

Such as the Core by Clare Smyth, which opened  in the very heart of  Notting Hill in  2017.  The two Michelin stars restaurant is a true revelation, not just for the mouthwatering food but also for the romantic, still chic, interior, thanks to the female Chef Clare!

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Rigi - Queen of the Mountains

in the very heart of "My Switzerland"

Yes, the queen of the mountains - Rigi -  is not just our homebase, it's also in the heart of Switzerland, near Lucerne, and offers a wide range of great hiking possibilities!

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Port de Soller - Mallorca

for sure no "Ballermann" atmosphere!

New hotels and very innovative cooks celebrate a relaxed lifestyle around the bay of Port de Soller.


Their are for sure no Jet Set or Ballermann people around, which makes it for "Fine Food Travellers" to a great destination, even just for a week-end...as long as you live within Europe of course! 

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San Sebastian

Best foodie town in Europe!

Whether you are looking for some Michelin  restaurant or you'll rather check out the local creative Pintxos Bars, you'll find it all in San Sebastian. This town is home to 16 Michelin starred restaurants!

But also for the Surfer Scene their are some great spots to catch big waves.

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