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Some people like to spend money on exclusive cars, latest fashion bags and expensive clothes… as totally addicted foodies we both prefer to invest it in unforgettable food experiences and travels!


In our blogg you'll find not just stories about some of the best cooks in the world,  our goal is to share the best restaurant recommendations worth to mention. Of course, when it comes to the choice of the hotel, we like to feel "home away from home"!


Levi - Lappland

Winter Wonderland Lappland



Nowhere in the world you get so many fascinating sights of a total winter wonderland like in Lappland! And the only traffic you'll find out here might be, that you cross another cross country skier once in a while!


This time though, was reeeally chilly, with up to below 33 degrees and a little breeze, even cross country skiing wasn't that easy!

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Dutch Road Trip



 If you're looking for an easy road trip, still filled with lot's of gourmet hot spots and picturesque villages, the Netherlands won't disappoint you!


This journey took us to Maastricht, Rotterdam, Den Hague, Delft, and the seacoast village Zandvoort near Amsterdam.


Of course we had to go for a quick stop, over the boarder to Antwerpen , Belgium and taste the fabulous new restaurant by Sergio Herman - Le Pristine! 

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New Kitchen stars revolutionise the area!

The Engadin is a paradise for Cross Country enthusiasts! More than 200 kilometers of Cross Country trails are open until end of April.


But for foodies, actually you have to check out the smaller villages instead of St .Moritz!


New kitchen stars such as  

- James Baron at Krone la Punt or

- Paolo Casanova at Chesa Stüva Colani Madulain 

revolutionise the area !



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Are you up for some wildlife in the Serengeti or do you prefer beach life on Zanzibar island?



Enjoy one of the greatest experiences of your life, and watch tribes of zebras, gnus and elephants walking along the Serengeti!


After the big wildlife adventure indulge in some lazy beach life on Zanzibar Island

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