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Some people like to spend money on exclusive cars, latest fashion bags and expensive clothes… as totally addicted foodies we both prefer to invest it in unforgettable food experiences and travels!


In our blogg you'll find not just stories about some of the best cooks in the world,  our goal is to share the best restaurant recommendations worth to mention. Of course, when it comes to the choice of the hotel, we like to feel "home away from home"!



Cross Country Paradise until late Spring!

The Engadin is a paradise for Cross Country enthusiasts! More than 200 kilometers of Cross Country trails are open until End of April. 


If you are not out for the jetset lifestyle of St. Moritz their are plenty of other small and pretty villages such as Pontresina. 


Winterhike trails including the way up to the Morteratsch Glacier are fantastic and easy to reach within an hour walk.

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X - Mas Time in the Swiss Alps!

Don't leave Graubünden without ever having tasted the specialty Capuns!

Davos is a winter sports metropolis for alpine and cross country skiing and snowboarding fans from all over the world.  It's situated at 1560 m and the town also hosts the World Economic Forum (WEF) every year.

Architecs and architecture enthusiasts from all over the world travel to the small village of Vals in the Graubünden valley, to visit the 7132 Therme. It's built of pure stone, greenish in colour, weighing tons and it happens to be a wellness temple! The architect, Peter Zumthor, was awarded to the world's most prestigious prize for architecture for this masterpiece.


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This is the land of Trullis!

Some people might think, they landed in the middle of Hobbiton - but no, Apulia is in fact the land of the Trulli houses!


But not just the Trulli houses are worth the visit of Apulia.

Ostuni - the white village is famous for producing a high quality of olive oil and Matera is well-known for the cave dwellings inhabited since the Paleolithic period

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Fieberbrunn near Kitzbühel

Gorgeous biking trails in the Austrian Alps!

Yes, some countries opened the borders for Swiss residents, even though the Corona Virus is still not under control.


We took advantage to visit our "neighbour" Austria and discovered a fantastic mountain bike area in Fieberbrunn, near Kitzbühel. 

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