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Some people like to spend money on exclusive cars, latest fashion bags and expensive clothes… as totally addicted foodies we both prefer to invest it in unforgettable food experiences and travels!


In our blogg you'll find not just stories about some of the best cooks in the world,  our goal is to share the best restaurant recommendations worth to mention. Of course, when it comes to the choice of the hotel, we like to feel "home away from home"!


Dining with Flynn

No, this guy is not the Justin Bieber of food...he's a talent of his own!

A gourmet boat Cruise on the river Rhine from Basel to Strassbourg accompanied by a sensational dinner from young cooking shooting star Flynn McGarry is a cool experience to do!

At age 13, he mastered by cooking his way through expert level recipes in “The French Laundry Cookbook” and studying YouTube videos. So no wonder McGarry landed national US acclaim as a culinary wunderkind. He spent six years studying in elite kitchens and working alongside renowned chefs at restaurants like Eleven Madison Park in Manhattan, New York. He considers those chefs, like Daniel Humm at Eleven Madison Park and Ari Taymor at Alma in West Hollywood, to be his teachers.

“They let me work in their kitchens, but gave me real responsibilities and taught me the business side, instead of just having me pluck herbs,” McGarry tells The New York Times. And finally, at the still very young age of 19, Flynn McGarry opened his first fine dining restaurant in New York City. Now he is only 22 years old and foodies all over the world wonder, what comes next!

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Most beautiful city on the Danube River!

Hungary's capital city Budapest is actually made up of 3 unified cities, Buda and Obuda on the west bank of the Danube and Pest on the east bank. Much of the city has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status, and many visitors consider the city to be amongst the most beautiful cities in Europe!


The city successfully mixes its fascinating history with a brilliant, laid back contemporary artistic style. 

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Pop Up Chalets Fernsicht by Tobias Funke

a new star for Feinschmeckers in the Appenzell

 Tobias Funke is one of the top chefs in Switzerland and by Falstaff magazine  awarded as kitchen chef discovery 2021.

He combines tradition with innovation to produce, what he likes to call, Swiss Alpine food.

At his base, the Hotel Fernsicht Heiden, 10 fully equipped pop up chalets now offer the foodies  romantic nights including  a fantastic view over Lake Constance.

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Orient meets Occident!

Dubai has definitely lots of thrills for every traveler!


If you love the chilly beach life, Dubai's coastline is packed with beautiful beaches. At the Laguna Waterpark you can even try how to surf on an epic 180 degree surf-machine.


The new Pointe area out on the Palm island hosts also a fountain spectacle while you can enjoy a nice dinner in one of the several restaurants, while facing the Atlantis hotel.

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