Feel Como...!

Tips for To Dos and recommended activities
  • stroll through the old village of Como
  • Visit la Basilica Cattedrale di Como
  • buy delicacies such as olio extravergine or pesto at the very charming Carl
  • take a boat tour on lago di Como to Bellagio
  • have dinner at the fantastic restaurant "Feel Como"!
  • see the Monument of Alessandro Volta
  • zip a Cappuccio in one of the great cafés in the old town




Tips for where to eat and recommended restaurants

Ristorante Feel Como by Federico Beretta

If you are in Como, don't miss the mouth watering kitchen by Chef Federico Beretta!

The Restaurant is very romantic and intimate, the service attentive but not stiff. Almost "Knigge like" they place a vine box beside the ladies chair, so they can put the bag on the box instead of the floor...great, innovative and young idea!

If it comes to dinner....here is a guy who adores to cook!

Everything seasonal and fresh prepared...try the pumpkin Gnocchi with smoked duck...only one of the courses that will surprise you!

After a couple of disappointing restaurant visits in Italy, this was a real Highlight! Definitely not the last gourmet evening at Feel Como!

Tips for where to sleep and recommended hotels

Posta Design Hotel - Como

"Less is more”, especially when it comes to a hotel housed in one of the first buildings designed by the great Rationalist architect, Giuseppe Terragni"

Re-opened after a complete renovation aimed at respecting the architect’s original vision, today the atmosphere of the hotel reflects the special attention given to achieving a clean, yet sophisticated aesthetic quality.

Great care has been taken to preserve the original details like the main staircase in precious Istria marble, which is also used for the elegant baths in each room.

Native Italian ‘smoked’ oak covers all the floors, while the furnishings and fixtures are provided by the finest names in high-end Italian design.