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Levi - Lappland
Finland · 12. February 2024
Winter Wonderland Lappland! The only "traffic" you'll find is maybe another cross country skier once in a while!
Dutch Road Trip
Netherlands · 06. November 2023
If you're looking for an easy road trip, still filled with lot's of gourmet hot spots and picturesque villages, the Netherlands won't disappoint you!

Switzerland · 12. March 2023
The Engadin is not just a paradise for Cross Country enthusiasts. New kitchen stars such as James Baron at Krone la Punt revolutionise the area!
Africa · 12. December 2022
Enjoy one of the greatest experiences of your life, and watch tribes of zebras, gnus and elephants walking along the Serengeti. After the big wildlife adventure indulge in some lazy beach life on Zanzibar Island!

France · 16. June 2022
If you haven't been to the French Normandy yet, you should definitely take this part of the world on your bucket list!
France · 23. April 2022
As the gourmets agree, Lyon is the world's culinary capital! It's well known as the city of the chef Paul Bocuse, revered as a god of French cuisine.

Dubai/Oman/Abu Dhabi · 03. January 2022
Yes, Expo 2020 in Dubai finally opened it's doors with 1 year delay due to the Corona Pandemie. And yes, it's definitely worth a visit!
Hungary · 19. September 2021
Budapest successfully mixes its fascinating history with a brilliant, laid-back contemporary artistic style.Much of the city has been granted UNESCO World Heritage Site status

Pop Up Chalets Fernsicht by Tobias Funke
Switzerland · 01. August 2021
Tobias Funke was not only named best kitchen chef 2021 by Falstaff magazine, he now had's for new adventures with his Pop Up chalets offering fantastic views on Lake Constance!
Switzerland · 03. January 2021
Don't leave Graubünden without having tasted the specialty Capuns! Davos is the right choice for professional Alpine Skiing and lots of hipster bars. For tranquil cross country skiing you should go to the peaceful Vals Valley

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