yes, the Danish people love it "hygge"!

Did you ever wonder, why the Danish are supposed to be the happiest people all over the world?


Well, first thing, they celebrate a "hygge" living style all over the country and above all, you  must be a happy nation, if  you host one of the best cooks worldwide!


Yes, a food journey through René Redzepi's new NOMA in Christianstad belongs definitely to the bucket list of every foodie!

Tips for To Dos and recommended activities
  • stroll around Nyhavn and grab a Cappuccino
  • see the Little Sea Virgin
  • see the guards walk from Castle Rosenborg to Amalienborg
  • go to the new Opera House
  • see the Hippie paradise Christiania, where king of kitchen  René Redzepi (NOMA) moved in a farmhouse 2018
  • go Shopping and buy nordic design accessories

The choice of excellent restaurants is wide and hard to decide. Be sure you book your table in advance!

Tips for where to eat and recommended restaurants

NOMA by René Redzepi

What do you do, if you have been best in class and cook of the year for many years?
Well, René Redzepi closed his first restaurant Noma, took his 100 cooks and waiters abroad to Australia and got lots of new Inspiration! Back in Kopenhagen he bought a farmhouse in the upcoming trendy area Christiania, built his own greenhouses and reopened his flagship restaurant Noma.
Now, foodies from all over the world go on a pilgrimage to the most influential restaurant of the past decade. Of course the expectations were high and frankly, we did not get disappointed!  
The friendly welcome from the cooks and waiters when you enter the restaurant is the first surprise. Their is lots of wood and windows in the restaurant and the candles give a nice and romantic touch, the Danish would say "hygge". The whole staff was very motivated and we loved the idea that every cook served his signature dish....about 16 courses! Luckily we cought a table during the seafood season, so we tasted mouth watering dishes such as the boiled brown crab on flatbread or the arctic king crab.  René Redzepi loves freshly prepared, local food, if you'll eat here be aware that many dishes are served raw.
To sum up it can be said, an evening at NOMA is an inspiring journey full of surprises!  




Bordering on the water at the end of Nyhavn, Almanak is an informal and friendly place to eat.

Hermanns...now called Gemyse at the Hotel Nimb

Nordic Cuisine on a high level...of course everything organic!


Tips for where to sleep and recommended hotels

71 Nyhavn Hotel

With a fantastic atmosphere and unique location at the last frontier in Nyhavn Canal, 71 Nyhavn Hotel is at home in two newly renovated warehouse buildings from the early 1800s.
For 200 years, Nyhavn 71 has been located between the foamy sprays from the harbour and life along the Nyhavn Canal.

The two newly renovated warehouses stand in a united luxurious style and are joint on the ground floor by a cosy lobby, also providing access to the new restaurant; SEA by Kiin Kiin


Hotel Nimb

Fairy tale is ever present in Nimb's 17 uniquely decorated suites. An exclusive boutique hotel like no other in the world and yet homely, intimate and magnificent all at the same time, where you will dream of staying at the end of your day.


All the rooms are very romantic and have cool bath tubs....except room no. 14...!