Pearl of the North Sea

On this Pearl of the North Sea you'll relax very easily while sitting in one of the famous beach baskets, sipping on a nice glass of Chardonnay and wondering, why back at home everybody is so stressed! 

No other island in the world offers as many top restaurants, run by world class chef cooks, such as the Island of Sylt!

Most of the restaurants buy their food from local producers, of course everything organic. Try the local Galaway Beef, excellent seafood dishes or crispy local duck.


It is rumoured that this Island is for snobs, but in fact (maybe despite of the Strönwai Kampen) it's just a very down to earth island with many proud natives. 


Everybody relaxes very fast on these shores indeed! 

  • sit in a famous beach basket and breathe the fresh air!
  • visit idyllic Keitum and the Tee Kontur
  • stroll along the Strönwai in epansive Kampen
  • go to the most famous beach Restaurant Sansibar
  • visit List and get lunch at Gosch or Austernmeyer
  • go to the beach Restaurant Wonneymer and don't get afraid if you see many naked People ...it's FKK...
  • we love Rantum, because it looks like a Hobbit village!
  • for cheaper shopping go to Westerland
  • grab a bike!
  • try one of the delicious cakes at Nielsen's Keitum
  • Sansibar is a must stopover on this island
  • during easter you have to see the easter egg run in Kampen
  • see the lighthouse tower in Hörnum
  • go to Feinkost Meyer in Wenningstedt for local groceries


(the easiest to get to the island is flying into Hamburg. Rent a  car and drive up to Niebüll where you can catch the car train which takes you out to Sylt Island)


Strandoase - Westerland

This is one of the real gems in Sylt!

It has got a great location, on top of the dunes by overlooking the North Sea. Good seafood, the house specialty is a very crispy duck from the island of Sylt! The service from the very charming Wibke is very attentive, so you want to eat here more than once.

Yes, sometimes a fresh breeze from the North Sea, a beautiful sunset  and a good glass of wine is enough , to put someone in heaven!

Wonnemeyer - List

The old classic beach restaurant Wonnemeyer Wenningstedt moved up to List,  but the new location lays also  right at the beach.

No FKK beach anymore in front, which means no naked people running around, but still a very lively atmosphere!

The menu features Galloway Rib Eye Steak, seafood dishes, nearly everything comes from the region , 50% are organics.

This family owned restaurant has got still a lot of charme. You must absolutely try the fresh sole from the north sea, it doesn't get any better!

Beach House - Westerland

Big Terrace right at the beach

Relax and enjoy an excellent white wine while watching the sunset!

Good seafood, very nice atmosphere  

Samoa Seepferdchen - Rantum

This old classic beach Restaurant is laying in the dunes of Rantum right at the beach.

The atmosphere is lively and you can enjoy excellent seafood dishes while you're seated in a beach basket!


Strönholt Bistro - Hörnum

At the southern end of the island, a young team headed by the chef de cuisine Quirin Brundobler, known as ‘Queens’ by guests and colleagues alike, awaits you amidst a delightful view of the North Sea, Budersand golf course and Sylt’s sand dunes.

It is here that the finest regional produce – the best of fish and meat – is brought to the table

Hotel Düne & Restaurant Coast - Rantum

New Hotel in Rantum, only 500 meters from the beach

Take a suite right above the excellent Restaurant Coast.

The rooms have wooden Floors and are quit spacious.

We just love this cosy hotel & restaurant. And Rantum village once again felt like coming home to Hobbit Land!