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Africa · 12. December 2022
Enjoy one of the greatest experiences of your life, and watch tribes of zebras, gnus and elephants walking along the Serengeti. After the big wildlife adventure indulge in some lazy beach life on Zanzibar Island!
France · 16. June 2022
If you haven't been to the French Normandy yet, you should definitely take this part of the world on your bucket list!

Dubai/Oman/Abu Dhabi · 03. January 2022
Yes, Expo 2020 in Dubai finally opened it's doors with 1 year delay due to the Corona Pandemie. And yes, it's definitely worth a visit!
France · 01. December 2019
Most romantic Christmas Markets in Europe!

Spain · 09. September 2018
New hotels and very innovative cooks celebrate a relaxed lifestyle around the bay of Port de Soller
Spain · 15. August 2018
San Sebastian has got almost more Michelin starred restaurants than inhabitants! This might seem a little bit exaggerated but indeed this town is all about food!

France · 25. July 2018
Great Surfing at the Atlantic Sea!
Spain · 28. June 2018
Barcelona is not just about Paella!

Germany · 02. May 2018
Barefoot at Timmendorfer Strand
Germany · 02. April 2018
The Pearl of the North Sea.

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